About Us

Australian OHS Risk Management Services P/L was established in 1995 T/A A.R.M.S. to address OHS training needs under the provisions of the (CTP) Contracted Training Programs under the control of VETAB NSW.

We changed our organisational objectives in mid 2005 to address the specific needs of National OHS/WHS compliance, and established a QA & Workplace Safety Consulting Service throughout Australia.

The expertise for this operational change was established in our training package deliveries  in  Australia,  and  the  requirement  to  deal  with,  as  a  core  component, WHS / EHS / ISO in the workplace.

We have many joint venture agreements (strategic alliances) with other like minded companies  throughout Australia and industry specific associations in place.

The consulting environment created between us and other organisations is the, writing, installation and support of A/S 4801: OHS/WHS management system and the expected support material such as; SWMS, Site Specific Safety Management Plans, JSAs, job descriptions, staff management systems, HACCP support and installation, safety auditing, strata audits and emergency systems support.


Existing Client Short List

 Some of the larger current clients we have work with include:

Lithgow City Council, Sushi Train Australia 40 sites, Leeton Council 23 sites, Electronic Keying Australia 200 employees, HRO Initiative 1000 employees, CMI Safes Australia 60 employees, Eagle Boys 210 stores Australia wide, Yes Food Australia 15 Restaurants, Sushi Food Production (Aust), Ali Baba Kebab Franchise Vic, NSW. Printing and stationary supplies, JFC Australia, Davcor Keying, Giraffe Removals, Green Options Landscaping, Aljupe Strata Cleaning Services and many more…..