• Certificate of Commencement and Completion for Management Systems
  • Accredited by the A.N.R.M.A. Inc 9884778
  • Accreditation in AS4801, AS14001, ISO9001, HACCP and Food Safety
  • Auditing conducted under accreditation
  • Abiding by the A.N.R.M.A. code of conduct
  • Supporting Tenders in WHS / OHS nationally
  • Providing A.N.R.M.A. memberships

Australian Standards – OHS/WHS Series

  • Providing Accredited and Quality Assured Risk Management Systems
  • Providing Accredited Certification of Commencement and Completion
  • Certified AS4801:2004 Occupational / Work Health and Safety Management System
  • Certified AS14001:2004 Environmental Health and Safety Management System
  • Meeting tender requirements for local, state and federal governments
  • AS4801 Auditing and Assistance
  • AS14001 Auditing and Assistance
  • ISO9001 Auditing and Assistance
  • Quality Assurance ISO9001:2008
  • Endorsed by the A.N.R.M.A. Inc 9884778